Workout Headphones Are Everywhere

Working out and listening to music go hand in hand. My local gym has music, but more often than not, I hate what they are playing and it de-motivates me more than propels me to an all-time personal best.

Deciding on what style to get can be awfully time-consuming but narrowing it down can be easy if you know where to look.

I personally think wire-free earphones are a must and a plentiful amount of bluetooth goodies to choose from. There is nothing worse than forgetting you have your earphones in and go to change machines or finish your floor crunches and having your fancy mobile phone fall to the floor.

Is it noisy where you work out? Are you really fussy about your sound quality?

Plenty of models out there with on ear speakers will more often sound better, but sometimes you want to do some interval training with your weight session and these have you covered.

Bose Quiet Comfort 30 Wireless:
– Even better if you’re an Apple enthusiast
– Life-like digital quality audio
– Can control the level of noise cancellation
– 10 hours battery life
– Bose connect App

Hate earbuds? While these aren’t the best choice for running, these are great for everything else indoors

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear:
– It an all-rounder, with almost 2 days of battery time and Fast Fuel charging you don’t really have to ever take them off
– Lightweight and super comfortable
– Wireless and multiple device pairing capabilities
– Noise cancelling

Need hear what’s around you? If safety matters and you’re a runner, rider or walker enthusiast, it should concern you if you can’t hear a horn beeping at you or someone shouting to “watch out!”

Bose SoundSport:
– Wireless
– Heart-rate sensor used with Bose Connect App and most fitness Apps
– Will not fall out
– Can connect two or more devices at the same time
– Not noise cancelling

Do you swim? I’m not sure wearing earphones in the ocean is a good idea but if you swim laps and find it boring then it might be worth your time investing in some waterproof tunes.

Swimbuds Sport Waterproof Headphones:
– Earbud that fit like an ear plug to keep the water out
– Fins make them more comfortable
– 4 different sizes
– Reasonable price
– Fantastic reviews on

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