Strategy in poker tournaments: stealing the blinds

The development of poker tournaments can be long and complex, that is why the theft of blinds, especially in the first hands of the tournament, may seem to us that it is an unnecessary risk, or that it is not worth opening the hand to only take 20 or 30 chips.Click here for judi qq.

But stealing the blinds can greatly affect our final position in the championship, so it is necessary that we learn when and how we can steal the blinds, and increase our number of chips progressively.

It is true that with the tournament already advanced, and with the higher blind levels, its theft can help us, but it is advisable that you do it from the beginning, not only to win the chips, but to demonstrate to your rivals that you are a serious and forceful player.

How to steal blinds at poker tournaments

To steal the blinds that our rivals have made, what we have to do is raise the stakes, to force them to think that we have a strong hand, fold, and we take the pot ourselves. This movement is vital in poker tournaments, remember that many times the game is won by the one who gets the smallest pots, and not the one who wins one or two big pots.Visit this site for judi qq.

We cannot do this movement always, or in any position at the table, but we must be cautious and do it under some simple guidelines. First of all, the blind steal positions are just the dealer (or button), the SB (small blind) and the BB (big blind). We cannot steal blinds from another position.

With what hands do I raise to steal the blinds?

In principle, when playing poker tournaments, you can raise with worse hands than you would use to raise in another position. For example, if your strategy tells you not to open your hand with cards worse than a pair of nines, you could do so to steal blinds, only in the positions listed, and only if the hand comes clean. Don’t try to steal blinds if someone before you have raised, because they are sure to have a strong hand. But don’t abuse either, you can raise with medium hands, but not weak hands, it is not always possible to steal the blinds, especially if your hand is 3 and 2!!

Strategy summary

  • You can steal blinds only in BTN, SB and BB positions
  • Only if the hand reaches you clean
  • When you have a medium hand at least, Strong hands are not needed